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Macksville to Wyong

The last few days have be going well, we haven’t done anything real exciting, just been taking it easy.

We stayed inĀ Macksville till late morning, had a walk around the CBD, then played in the park and watched some waterskiing on the river. Back on the road, we decided to detour out to South West Rocks were we stayed for the night.

Walking bridge
South West Rocks Play Ground

The next morning we hit the road again, a few quick stops until we decided to pull up for the night. We pulled of the freeway into the Freeway Service Centre, south of Newcastle on the Sydney freeway. Plenty of trucks here to keep Jake entertained.

Truck stop near newcastle 3
Truck stop near newcastle 2
Truck stop near newcastle
Jayson has now started his schooling, we spend the first hour or so after breakfast doing school work, and a little more later in the day if needed.
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