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Wyong to Bega

We left Wyong freeway service centre and headed for Wetherill Park, my ass was getting very sore from the hard drivers seat and my lower back was paining, so a quick phone call to ISRI, who manufacture seats for heavy veichles, can fit us in staight away, so off we go.

ISRI - Wetherill Park
Old Seat
Installing new ISRI air ride seat
The install was a simple swap out, the old seat was the same brand which meant the mounting didn’t require any mods. The new seat is an “Air Ride” seat, the seat floats on an air bag which eliminates any jaring from the road. Having spoke to a few truckies at some of our stops, they all recommended an Air ride seat. Once the seat was installed we drove around to HiTorque mechanicals to have it conected to the bus air system. HiTorque was only a couple blocks away. Getting in and out of HiTorque was crazy, trucks coming and going and packed in like sardines. After shuffling around with other trucks a few times we get in to the work shop, get the job done and back out on our way.
Driving in Sydney keeps you on your toes, some lanes only provide just enough width and corners just wide enough to make it around with out clipping the curb, poles, signs, etc… and with cars sneeking in to any gap they can find you need to stay constantly alert, but its not near as dawnting as I had predicted.
Sydney trafic - Liverpool
Just as I thought we were on our way out of the traffic, we hit bumper to bumper traffic on the Campbeltown freeway (M5).
Trafic Jam on Campbelltown Free way
Campbelltown Freeway trafic
After a slow crawl past the Campbeltown turn off, we get back up to speed.
We stay another night in a Freeway Service Centre truck stop, fuel up and top up our water tank. The next morning we headed for Bega with a stop at Cooma for lunch.
It was quite cool in Cooma, the sun shine was nice but the brease was icey. Back on the road we cut across the Great Dividing Range to Bega, on the way we stopped at a look out
Fred Piper Memorial Look out
Look out over the valley
Then down the steep windy road into Bega.
Hopefully while here in Bega, we will not only check out the cheese factory, but get Majestic Motorhomes to fit an awning on the side, so we can sit out in the shade when we get into warmer weather.
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