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Baromi to Kilcunda

After checking out the town centre of Baromi, with a population of 1200 it didn’t take long :-), we moved on south. Our next stop was for some fuel then a short distance later we found a great reserve at Kilcunda. We pulled in for some lunch but decided to stay for the day and head off again in the morning.

Our site at Kilcunda Foreshore

After lunch we went for a walk down the beach and along the rocks, the boys enjoyed looking for shells, there wasn’t a lot of marine life in the rock pools, mainly snails and a few anemone. Jake spent most of his time picking snails of the rock and flicking them into the water, that was until he worked out he could walk in the pools of water which was much more exciting.

Kilcunda Foreshore 2

Back up from the beach the boys had a play on the swings while Damian got the bikes out ready for a bike ride.

Kilcunda Foreshore swings

Bikes tyre pumped up, Jake’s seat adjusted, and we’re ready to go.

Bike Riding at Kilcunda Foreshore

At Kilcunda Foreshore there is a bike trail that runs along the cliff line of the ocean, it is reasonably flat riding with bridges over the high gaps. We road for a few Ks only.

Tomorrow we intend to spend the day checking out Philip Island…..

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