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Kilcunda to Echuca

A few more days, a few more hundred K’s
We left Kilcunda and headed over to Phillip Island, it was raining and cold so we didn’t get out and about much. We mainly stayed in the bus looking at the scenery, we had a look at the grand prix track and stopped at the chocolate factory for some goodies. We wanted to see the penguins but the feeding was not till late, due to the weather we decided to give it a miss. Parking was also no existant for larger veichles.

From Phillip Island we head in to Melbourne with a stop to pick up some new LED lamps, some of the lamps had failed and being only a few weeks old we stopped at the manufaturers warehouse to have them replaced. Then we went for a drive though Melbourne on the way to Kangaroo Flat nere Bendigo, where we had organised for the awning to be supplied and fitted. The high light being the trams

Tram- Melbourne

About 10km south of Kangaroo Flat we found a nice rest stop and decided to pull in for the night.

Camp at Kangaroo Flat 1
Camp at Kangaroo Flat 2
Camp at Kangaroo Flat 3

The next day we drove into Kangaroo Flat, we were a day early so we spent the day checking out the greater area of Bendigo. After some grocery shopping we went looking for a bike for Jake as he kept wanting to ride Jayson’s but its way too big for him. We found a bike shop in Bendigo city centre, while discussing a suitable bike with the store owner, Jake was busy riding a scooter around the shop. Well, not much chance of leaving without the scooter, the salesman told us we could have it cheap if we wanted it, we asked how cheap, he said he would sell it at half price being $40 because they hadn’t been selling too well (at $80 I can understand why..). With a little negotiation we ended up with a new bike and bonus scooter

Jake - New scooter 2
Jake - New scooter 1

Poor Jayson only scored some new knee and elbow pads, but at least he can now ride his bike and skate board in peace.
That night we decided to go back to the last road side rest area, it was a nice spot and not all that far away. The next moring it was off to get the awning fitted.

Fitting the Awening

While it was being fitted, Christee-Lee and the boys went into Bendigo for a play in the park.

Playground at Bendigo 2
Playground at Bendigo 1

Once ready to hit the road again, we were undecided on where to head, it has been cold down south, it was nice in Bendigo but very icey cold at night, so we decided to head up to the Murray River to have a look. We pulled in to Echuca late afternoon.

More Photos of this part of the trip can be seen in Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Kilcunda to Echuca

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