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Echuca to Robinvale

While in Echuca we saw a few paddle wheel boats on the river, we had intended to take some photos the next day, but as we stayed out of town we didn’t bother going back the next day as we assumed we would see more along the way. Well we are now a fair way along the Murray and haven’t seen any more as yet, may be we’ll see some at Mildura later in the week.

In comparison to earlier post we haven’t travelled far, we left Echuca and stayed in a nice little Murray River side town called Cohuna, I am not sure of the population but going by the shopping I would guess at around 1000 people or less. We stayed next to the local park with a play ground and skate park for the kids to play.

Park at Cohuna
Jayson skating at Cohuna 1
The next day we headed for Swan Hill were we stayed for a couple nights. Other than a visit to the park for some play time on the swings, a few trips to the shops, a look at the river, big Cod and Tree we just kicked back and relaxed.
Burke and Wills Tree - Swan Hill
Big Murry Cod - Swan Hill
Murry River at Swan Hill


The weather has been nice and warm at around 32 Deg C, until this morning when we woke up to strong gusty winds and an over cast day. After a slow lazy Sunday morning we hit the road again. We pulled up for lunch at Robinvale and have decided to stay here till the morning. There is not a lot to mention about Robinvale, its just a small town on the highway that happened to be where we were at lunch time. We are heading for Mildura which is still an hour up the road, they have a big Jazz festival on this weekend but we will decide when we get there to wether or not we will hang around for it.
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