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Kadina to Whyalla

The last couple of days has been a bit warmer, getting into the mid 30s, lucky for us we missed the storms and wet weather that Victoria has had in the last couple of days. We could see the storms in the distance, but not a drop where we’ve been. Then as we head into Port Augusta we hear they had just copped flash flooding, but it must have run off as quick as it came because there was nothing out of the ordinary as we drove through.

Our first stop was at a little old town called Port Broughton, the town supports some fishing but seemed to appeal more to tourists and the retiree age group.

Boy  in a toy boat at - Port Broughton
 The boys played in the park, they certainly get plenty of variety in the type of equipment they get to play on during the trip
We went for a walk out on the jetty, and saw a heap of sting ray in the shallows
Jetty end at Port Broughton
Sting Ray - Port Broughton

After a stop over at a road side stop just north of Port Pirie we headed through Port Augusta and back down to Whyalla where we spent most of the day and stayed the night.

Whyalla Maritime Museum 9
Whyalla Maritime Museum 5
One of the favourite displays was the model of the Eyre Peninsula area with working electric model trains. We had a hard time getting Jake to move on from this display.
Whyalla Maritime Museum 3
 The museum showed many old maritime items including items from old ships to marine life from the area. Outside was park like with bbqs, ponds and garden walks to larger memorabilia

After leaving the museum we took the car for a drive around the town before heading off road up the hill side for a birds eye veiw of the area.

Getting of the hard stuff
Sand bar at Whyalla
One Steel Iron Co -  pier

We will move on again tomorrow morning following the coast line around the bottom west of SA.

More photos from this leg of the trip can be seen in our album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Kadina to Whyalla

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