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Whyala to Port Lincoln

The last few days have been fairly layed back, we pulled into most towns on the coast line between Whyalla and Port Lincon and stayed a couple nights just north of Tumby Bay. The weather has been perfect.

We have noticed a lot of snakes and shingleback lizards on this part of the trip, we counted 12 snakes and have seen just as many if not more shingleback lizards. Most the snakes have been browns, 2 might have been blacks but we haven’t been stopping to check them out. Its amazing to see so many snakes in such a short distance, we had only seen 2 others since leaving Mudgee, its certainly making up keep a keen eye open when walking.

bird 1
Another critter we found interesting was this sea bird, we are not sure what it is yet, they look similar to a seagull but are much larger. These were seen at Cowell.

We arrived in Port Lincoln mid morning, after a drive through the town were decided to pull up at the docks where the commercial fishing boats bring in their catch, I found a parking spot and went to turn the bus off, but it just keep running. After investigating the problem for a few minutes I decided it would be better to drive back into town and find a mechanic. As it turned out, a pin holding a linkage between the fuel shut off valve and controlling solenoid had broken, the mechanic said he could machine up a new part and should have it ready by the end of the day. So we unloaded the car and headed off to explore the area.

4wd track 2
We drove many dirt roads, and when the road stopped we drove some more.
Sand dune 4
Sleaford Bay 2
 The water was a spectacular aqua colour, very clean and clear. With soft white colour sands, the coast line looks awesome and in pristine condition. We climbed the sand hills, the kids loved it.
Sand dune 1
Well that’s about it for now. I thought I would finish off this post with a photo we took back at our camp site near Tumby Bay. We set the camera up on the tri-pod and set the delay timer.

See all photos from this leg of our trip in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Whyalla to Port Lincoln

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1. Michelle Waters - November 13, 2007

Wow you guys are great. I feel like I am on this journey with you. It is wonderful. There is so much detail and I love the pictures, especially the family one.

I miss you guys so much, but I am glad you are all having a great time.
Lots of Love