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Elliston to Streaky Bay

We spent the day in Elliston hanging around the beach, it was quite late by the time we got back on the road. As we left town, we decided to fill up with water at the local town hall. The water pressure was very low, so it took over one and a half hours to fill up 150 litres. While waiting for the tank to fill we had dinner and the boys played on the nearby skate park.

Elliston - beach 4
Elliston - beach 6
Elliston - beach 3

We drove from Elliston to Venus Bay and parked up the back of the town at the oceans edge. The wind picked up quite strong after the sun went down, by morning the windows needed a good clean from all the sea spray. The morning was spent walking the town and then it was back on the road to Port Kenny, Port Kenny is a small town with a Pub, a park and not much else. We stayed there for two nights, it was quiet and comfortable. We may have stayed another day only we were running out of food, there was nothing in the way of groceries available in the town. While in Port Kenny we played in the park and walked down to the bay. A good part of Sunday was spent making a spread sheet that will keep stats and make predictions on all aspects of our budget, trip times, and distances. Jayson showed a keen interest and enjoyed working out various formulas and equations in making the spread sheet functional. His ability to understand much of the maths and logic was surprising. He does well at maths in his schooling, however a lot of what he comprehended and explained similarities to here is quite a lot more advanced.

Budget screan shot
 This is a screen shot of the spread sheet.Jayson enters in the details of any purchase made and the odometer reading each day or as required. The spread sheet has a static header with scrolling spread sheet below. In the header we see

  • The total distance we have travelled
  • The Average fuel consumption
  • The Average price we paid for Diesel
  • How much Diesel we have used since last fill and how much it will cost to fill the tank back up 
  • Our target monthly budget
  • Our average monthly spending
  • Our Most and least expensive month
  • How much we have spent in the current month and how we are situated at the present time (Bad = Over budget, Good = Under budget)
  • The current date is shown
  • The number of days we have been travelling and also weeks/days

Each entry into the spread sheet can have a pop up description or comment about the expense.

(not shown in the screen shot) totals for each row of spending

We estimated the distance we will travel and the time we will take to do it, the column (Target K’s) tells us how we are travelling, red figures show that we have travelled more than our estimated target, black indicates we have travelled less.

Price/L, Ks, Km/L are also calculated by the entry of Odometer, Litres, Diesel cost.

After the second nights stay we moved along the road a bit further, we stopped briefly at Murphy’s Haystack and then drove on to find a nice rest area 5km out of Streaky Bay. We unloaded the car and drove it into town for some grocery shopping. We have decided to camp here for tonight at least, so we can get some washing done. Wow, Christee-Lee is bring the washing in already, it is so dry here it has only taken 40 minutes or so for the washing to dry.

Photos from this leg of our trip can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Elliston to Streaky Bay

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