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Streaky Bay

We are still in Streaky Bay.

The weather turned stormy the night we got here and it stayed stormy all of the next day. We looked at weather maps on the internet which showed the storm was covering most of the coast line from WA border to VIC, so there wasn’t much point in us moving on to try and avoid it. We were lucky enough not to cop anything severe despite the warning. The winds were quite strong, with gusts of around 90km/h according to the Bureau of Meteorology, we had light rain and could see plenty of lightning around us but not in our immediate area. We spent the day inside playing Monopoly. Today has been cool but fine, so went for a drive in the car to check out the tourist centre and Cape Bauer.

Streaky Bay - Great White Shark
Car at Cape Bauer 1
Albatross 2

This is a replica of the shark caught by a local 16yr old. Caught with 35kg line on his home made rod, the 1520kg catch set a world record. The crew were sleeping on the boat when awaken by 2 of these sharks having a go at the boat.

We drove to Cape Bauer, about 20ks west of Streaky Bay

At Cape Bauer we saw a few of these Albatross and a couple more of the large seagul looking birds we saw at Cowell

And then there were the dolphins, there was a pod of around 20 of them playing in the break water, jumping, rolling and showing off to our delight. We have seen dolphins many times before in calm waters and on the beach, but to see them in strong seas and having an elevated view was a first. It was dificult to get good photos, we had the 200x zoom aswell as 2 (x1.6) adaptors and no tripod. The wind was gusty making it even harder to hold the camera still.

Dolphin 3
We will hit the road again tomorrow, the wind is predicted to be a south eastly which is good, it’ll push us along.

More photos can be seen in the album Australia / Our – Lap / Streaky Bay

The map below has a pin marker at Cape Bauer where we took the photos

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1. Talbots - November 22, 2007

Hi guys just wanting to know where you will be by christmas time if you have thought that far ahead, dont blame you if you haven’t but we are going camping in Albany for a week and thought you guys might like to join us in the festive time, take care, safe travelling, John and Vanya