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Streaky Bay to Nullarbor

We are now heading across the Nullarbor, the internet works well in Nullarbor but I’m not sure if we will get service along the way, will see how we go.
We left Streaky Bay and stayed in a road side camp about 70km East of Nullarbor, this morning we pulled into Nullarbor and are about to hit the road again soon. While stopped yesterday we took a few photos, played cards, and listened to CD’s, there wasn’t much else to see or do. So we decided we will have hair cuts, well Jake and Damian did, Jayson reckons he

is growing his.

Jake - Hair cut 1
Jake - Hair cut 2
Jake & Damian after hair cuts

The moon was almost full that night and made for a good photo opportunity.

Moon Original cropped

All photos from this leg of our trip can be seen in album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Streaky Bay to Nullarbor

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