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Nullarbor to Norseman

 WA, here we are !

The trip across “the Nullarbor is long, boring, and not how I imagined it to be” (words of Christee-Lee). “I pictured it to be sandy desert, the part of the trip that is treeless was only a small part of the trip around the locality of Nullarbor itself.” (By the way, Nullarbor = Latin (Null = Zero,Nill) – (Arbor = Tree).

The road from Nullarbor to Norseman is mainly flat with long straight stretches as you would expect, the area is very dry and dusty, wind gusts constantly blow dust into the air. We travelled around 300 to 350 ks each day, and fortunately had enough fuel to take us the full length of the trip (Ceduna to Norseman 1215km). The prices of Diesel were around $1.85/L in the service centres along the way. The road has many rest/camping areas, but only a few had a toilet and those with water tanks where dry. There is no TV, phone etc, as suspected, so the board games got some use.

Even though the trip is not over exciting, it is a great experience and there are a few stops that offer good views and some villages had attractions.

Eucla 3
Balladonia 5
Camp site - Domblegsbby
 Eucla – The first town over the border. The town service centre/motel/restaurant/shop, had a nice garden providing a contrast to the surrounding desert country.  At Balladonia – The museum shows a piece of space junk, part of the US sky lab which crashed nearby in 1979  One of the camp sites where we stayed over night

SA WA border sign
Some of the road signs
Straight road sign at Caiguna
Sign - Border Village
 seen along the way

 The 1200km trip from Ceduna to Norseman is all pretty good road with just a short 45km of road work being the only rough patch, there was a lot of other vehicles on the road mainly road trains and caravans, a few motorhomes and the odd car, and even a few people riding push bikes. The camp sites are quiet with only one or two others at the same site each night.

After seeing the Camel sign, we hoped to see a camel in the wild, but we didn’t. Other than crows and heap of roos closer to Norseman we didn’t see a lot of wide life. There was a 4 foot brown snake that decided to turn back at us as we motored along the road, unfortunalty it didn’t survive our bus tyre at 100km/h, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to swerve, we did collect a bird on the way also but no roos, camels, wambats or emus as the signs warned thank goodness.

We arrived in Norseman late today, filled up with fuel ($1.519, not cheap but compared to the road behind us, it was a good price) then headed south, we got out of town about 30 ks and could see we were heading into bush fires, so we did a U-turn and decided to head up to Kalgoorlie to check out the gold mining town instead. We have a couple hundred ks to go before we hit Kalgoorlie, but should be there some time tomorrow. Meanwhile we are camped just north of Norseman, Christee-Lee is cooking some biscuits and I can hear her saying “no more!” as the kids pinching the mix while her back is turned.

Photos from this leg of the trip can be found in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Nullarbor to Norseman

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