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Kalgoorlie is a vibrant town with plenty to offer.

The main industry in outback WA is gold mining, gold mines stretch for many 100s of Ks north and south of Kalgoorlie, however Kalgoorlie being Australia’s largest outback city is known as the heart of the gold fields, and also for one mine in particular, the “Super Pit”.

Super Pit night 1
The Super Pit is right on the edge of the town and is the largest open cut gold mine in Australia. It is currently around 290 metres deep by 1.5 kilometres wide and 4 kilometres long, and is expected to reach 500 meters deep by 2017 at which time it is expected to cease mining. The mine has a free public look out, which we visited both in the day light and night time.

In outer areas of the town there are many old and some current mines scatted all over the land, with piles of dirt marking the openings.

One place we visited was 20km east for Kalgoorlie, Kanowna. There is nothing left other than the roads, grave stones and old mine shafts. However there is sign posts marking the places where the various business places once were.
Gold Fields 1

The town of Kalgoorlie has a huge range of facilities available, from indoor Aquatic and sports complex with a new indoor surfing pool being built, indoor BMX tracks, land sailing, aviation clubs, speedway, horse racing and most sporting competitions found in other cities such as tennis, soccer, rugby, touch footy, netball, cricket, swimming etc…
The town is tidy and there are many new housing estates with large modern homes established or being built, indicating the town must be growing well. It will be interesting to see how the town is effected by the closing of the Super Pit in 10 years time.

The town has many community events though out the year, we were lucky enough to be here for the Xmas festivals, the high light of our stay. The festivals started on Thursday night with the lighting of the Xmas tree in the town centre. Then Saturday the main street was closed down for the street parade, followed by celebrations in the nearby park. Not only was there a lot of effort and participation by local businesses and community groups, every thing was free to the public. Balloons for the kits, lollies, bottle water, and a free sausage sizzle and entertainment in the park.

Festival 61
Festival 55
Festival 47
Festival 39
xmas tree
Festival 6
Party in the Park 4
Festival 37
Festival 29

The temperature has been comfortable most days, with 32 Deg C days and down to 15 Deg C at night. We did have a couple hotter days though, 43 Deg C was the hottest we recorded. From what I understand, these heat waves are common, with most summer days warm but once a week or so you get a really hot day or two.

Kalgoorlie would be my favourite place we have visited so far, even though it is located in the dry hot and dusty outback of Australia, you wouldn’t know it within the town.

We will be here for a couple more days before moving on, we haven’t decided in which direction yet.

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