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Our Christmas Tree

We went shopping for a Christmas Tree today, our aim was to find one that could be mount securely while driving, a tree that isn’t going to be too intrusive on our limited space, and lighting that was as efficient as possible, so we could light the tree with out concern of adding too much extra load on our batteries system.

Well here it is, the tree uses one small lamp in the base with a little motor rotating a colour wheel. The light then passes through hundreds of optic fibres scattered through out the branches. We bought the tree at Crazy Clarks, similar trees are also available at Dick Smiths, and most likely many other stores. While at Crazy Clarks we picked up some tinsel, candy canes and little gift box decorations. The only thing left for us to find was a Star or Angel for the top. Crazy Clarks didn’t have any we liked, so we considered making our own. To give it a bit of life, I was going to illuminate it with a bright LED. We dropped into Dick Smiths to get the LED, while there we found a star and angel desk top ornament that used LEDs to illuminate the perspex star and angel. This was ideal, with a little mod and a couple of cable ties, we had our star for the top that not only illuminates but changes colours. With sales on at both stores, the whole set up cost around $25, but best of all the kids are excited to now have a Christmas tree. The set up draws less than one Amp, which will have very little impact on our power system.

Xmas Tree - Day
Xmas Tree - Night

Xmas Tree - Room shot
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1. Kim Marchant - December 6, 2007

Hi there, wow, i have only just got on to have a quick look at your travels. I am suprised at how far you have gone already, looks like you’re all having fun – but mite i say a bit mad being in the goldfields in dec. i dont know if you remember my nanna & pop but they would spend 6mths of the year just nth of kalgoorlie at a place called laverton. where are you off to next and i will try to recall some ‘must sees’, i have recognised alot of the places you have been to so far… didnt like the nullarbor ?!! Well we had fun away with the girls, pity you couldnt be there but you will remember this experience for alot longer. i emailed a pic but dont know if you got it ? If i dont talk b4 hand have a great chrissy ‘on the road’ and i hope santa finds you all happy & relaxed and enjoying life as it should be.
Love Kim