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Kalgoorlie to Southern Cross

As you can see by the map, we haven’t travelled far. After leaving Kalgoorlie we stopped in a road side camp site, it was one of the nicer sites we have seen in WA so far, but the flies!! – we hardly ventured out of the bus.
Later that day we were hit by a whirlwind, it hit us dead smack in the middle. This whirlwind was the largest we have seen, it pounded us with dirt, leaves and sticks. It shook our bus and was quite a scary experience. We could see and hear it coming, which gave us just enough time to close windows and the door, but we missed the boys bed windows. There beds got covered in sand.

After it had passed us, I grabbed the camera to get a photo as it travelled off up the scrub.

Whirley wind
The photo is not as clear as the pictures in our memories, but it does give you some idea of its size. You can see the spout going high above the tree, this is the centre of the whirlwind, the dust cloud at the bottom gives you an idea of its diameter. I would estimate the diameter to be around 25m, our bus and trailer is 19m and it was bigger than us.
Looking out the window as it ripped though us, all you could see was a thick shower of gum leaves flying horizontly at an amazing speed. It was like sitting in a drive through car wash.
The next photo shows the force of the wind, it cut the top of this tree, I couldn’t find where it dropped it.
Tree cut off by whirly wind
That’s about the most excitement we have had in the past few days, we are now in Southern Cross and will most likely stay here today. We are heading for Albany to spend Xmas with the Talbots, but have some time to kill so we thought we would travel via Hyden to check out wave rock. We plan to be in Albany on the 21st.
Jayson has been doing well with his school work and although he is enjoying it (most of the time), I think he is looking forward to the holiday period.
We hadn’t taken any other photos for this part of the trip, so we grabbed a shot of Damian and Jake working on our DVD.
Jake and Damian update website
We have all been working on a DVD to send to our Grandma’s for Christmas, I won’t spoil it by giving details, but it has been fun. We may post a trailer of it after new year. The prototype is complete, we are now ready to duplicate and post them out.
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