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Southern Cross to Corrigin

Last post we said we were heading to Wave Rock, well we’re not quite there yet. After leaving Southern Cross we stopped at Merredin for some lunch, after lunch the boys took to the skate park.

Merridin skate park - Jake
Merridin skate park

It was getting on a bit by the time we left Merredin so we stopped just out of town for the night. The next morning we headed into Bruce Rock.

Bruce Rock is a small country town with a population of around 1200, the town is extremely tidy and the main street is a nice place to stop and check out. We ended up staying the night. The main street has about 250m strip of shopping on one side of the 4 lane road, the other side is the park. The park has the usual play equipment for the kids with sheltered seating areas, but more unusual is the Ampitheatre, sculpture section and the old machinery museum. The Museum forms part of the toilet block. Something that did stand out to us was the lack of graffiti or vandalism, even the toilets were spotless. The 4 lanes provide easy angle parking, with plenty of room for a big rig. You can park without infringing on traffic, not that there is any traffic, you would be lucky to see more than a car per minute in peak times.

Bruce Rock main street
Bruce Rock Ampitheater in the park
Musium in Bruce Rock Park

Well done to the locals of Bruce Rock, you have the tidiest and well maintained town we have seen, its inviting for us tourists.

From Bruce rock we headed to Corrigin, Corrigin would be about twice the size of Bruce Rock, it is also a very tidy town and boasts its many “Tidy Town”awards in the local park.

Corrigin memorial - 1527 Dogs & Utes in a queue
Corrigin is best known for their annual Dog in a Ute event. They hold a world record for the longest queue of dogs and utes, 1527 of them. It would be a great event to see.
Corrigin - Dog in a ute town
 As you drive into town, the local service station catches your eye with a dog in a ute on the roof.

The weather has been perfect for us although it has been very windy at night, unlike the storms the east of Australia have been copping, we hope none of you have damage for the hail storms we have been seeing on the news.

More photos from this leg of our trip can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Southern Cross to Corrigin

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