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Wave Rock

After having a yarn with the local cop in Corrigin this morning, we decided due to road work and road conditions, it would be better to leave the bus here and take a day trip to Wave Rock in the car. So we are still in Corrigin.

Wave Rock was a little over an hours drive from Corrigin, it is a national reserve 4km out of a small village called Hyden. Looking at the shops and homes in Hyden, you get the impression of a town that has stayed behind in times, it is an old style country town. An interesting attraction as you pass though town is the rest stop or tourist information bay, the garden is a display of iron junk art, its quite impressive to see.

Hyden park 2
Hyden park 1

Moving on to Wave Rock, we pay our $7 to enter, strap on the back pack with drinks and camera, and head up the trail to the rock. The rock is huge, the wave part of the rock is only a small fraction of the entire formation. We would have spent an hour or so just climbing up and over it.

Wave Rock 2
Wave Rock 4
Wave Rock 6

Once we made it back down, we took a bush walking trail to see Hippos Yawn, another rock formation that looks like the mouth of a hippo wide open or yawning. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a good photo that shows its formation, there was too much scrub in the way.

Hippos Yawn cave
Hippos Yawn cave front
On the way back to the car we saw a plane fly over head, it was low and loud, it was a bit of a thrill for the kids as it did some hard banking turns in front of us. Looking at the photos, it was set up for crop dusting.
Crop duster 1
Crop duster 2
There is a few more photos of the rock in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Wave Rock
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