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Corrigin to Wagin

Sorry, no photos for this part of our trip.

We left Corrigin bound for Albany, our first stopover was at Highbury, a small village with a population of 70 people. The business houses consist of a General store Tavern and Panel beater.

The following morning the weather turned rainy and very cold so we decided to stay until it cleared. We spent the 3 days inside the bus playing games, watching TV and cooking biscuits, it was actually nice to kick back for the few days. Last night the locals were having Santa visit at the Tavern, we were invited along but by late that arfternoon it turned too cold and wet, so we gave it a miss and stayed in the bus.
We left this morning and drove to Wagin where we stocked up on groceries and parked for the night. The weather is still very cloudy and mild, but the rain seems to be holding off. The forcast is for clearing weather and increasing temperature later in the week, so hopefully we will have nice weather over Christmas.

Gran sent through a recipe for GUACAMOLE DIP which she tells us is very nice, it has been added to the food menu under salsa & dips. Gran is also trying out Christee-Lee’s rocky road recipe. If you have a sweeeet tooth, this is one to keep an eye out for.

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