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Wagin to Albany

Wagin is known as the town of the big ram


A couple days ago one of our air-conditioners began to play up, the compressor fan was hitting its mount. While in Wagin I did a search for a service agent so we could have it looked at under manufacturers warranty, there happened to be a service centre in Albany. I phoned them and they could fit us in the next day (Wednesday) or some time after new year. Not wanting to delay the repair and the fact that we would have moved on from Albany by new year, we headed for Albany a few days earlier than schedule.

We arrived in Albany early afternoon, checked out where the service agent was and then did a tour of the town then head for the Caravan Park we had booked into to see if we were able to book in a couple days early. There was no problem booking in early, however on inspection of the site and access to it, I was a bit concerned to how we were going to get in. I walked the park to find the best route but there was no way we could get the bus in without hitting tree branches and possibily over head cables. The site was on a slop and it would have been a tight squeeze to get the bus on it, the trailer would have had to go some where else, so we were not impressed.

We had seen a place we could park for the night back near the aircon. service centre, so we went back there for the night. The next morning we took the bus in to get the aircon. fixed, took the car off and headed off for the day. We went and checked out where the park is that the Talbot’s are staying at, it was a much nicer park, a Big4 park, 4.5 star rating. We had tried to book in here previously but they couldn’t accommodate us. As we drove off, I said to Christee-Lee “we should go back and see if they have any thing available” when I enquired a few weeks ago, we were looking for a booking till the 28th Dec, we were now only going to stay till the 26th so we went back to ask. They had 2 powered sites available during the time we wanted, we went and checked the sites but they were way too small for the bus. The park is quite a small park, but big on comforts. There was only one site in the park that looked to be big enough and accessible for us. On the way out the receptionist asked us if either of the vacant sites were suitable, I said the only site we would have a chance of fitting on would be Site A, she said it happens to be available the people who booked had cancelled. It was anĀ ensuite site and $68/night was twice the price of the site we had at the other park at, I said it was too expensive and negotiated a $10/night discount. I went back and paced out the site to see if it was long enough, it looked to be ok but we decided to go back to the bus and pace it out to be sure. When we arrived back at the bus it was ready, we were only gone for an hour so that was quick, they said they wanted the bus all day. I paced out the bus and it looked as though it would fit ok, as it was ready to go, we took the trailer off and drove the bus to the park to ensure we could get it on. No problems so we booked in.

Even though it was still a lot more expensive than the other park, we could now stay at the same park as the Talbot’s rather than having to commute, the park has a pool, indoor spa, games room, play equipment, a movie theatre room with free movies twice a day and it is only 20m to the patrolled beach, but more importantly we could get the bus in without damage.

We went back to the other park and asked for a refund of our deposit, the said they have a no refund policy. I explained that we decided to cancel because we could not get the bus on site without hitting tree branches and because they could not tell me the height of the over head cables it was too big of a risk, these conditions are out of my control and due to the fact that they could not provide the service I was purchasing and had taken my deposit with knowledge of our bus size, I am entitled to a full refund. After escalating to management we got our money back.

So all in all it worked out well, we will be staying here till boxing day.
This will most likely be our last post before Christmas so we wish you all an enjoyable and safe Christmas

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1. Michelle Waters - December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas to you all. Hope Santa knows where to find u guys.
Love to u all
Shell n family