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Albany to Bridgetown

We left Albany on Boxing day and stopped at the Valley of the Giants.

Boxing day was quite warm down here, reaching 41 Deg C. We arrived at the Valley of the Giants before midday so the day had heated up. We grabbed some drinking water and head off to walk the tree tops and valley. Although it was very warm, the trees did offer shade which made the walk more comfortable.

Valley of the Giants 9
Valley of the Giants 21

After the walk we decided to drive on to the next town, Walpole, to grab a few things from the shops before finding a place to pull up for lunch. We stopped a little way out of town in a road side stop, by this time it was hitting 41 Deg C, so we turned on the Generator to run the aircons while we watched a couple DVDs. The next day we headed into Manjimup where we spent most of the day before moving on to the next road side stop for the night. Today we arrived in Bridgetown, the Talbot’s home town, our friends we spent Xmas with at Albany.

The roads from Albany to here were hilly, narrow and windy, we had intended to go more west via Margaret River but the road looked even more narrow, windy and hilly so we continued on to Bridgetown. We are going to base our camp here for the next 10 days or so and do day trips to surrounding areas in the car rather that take the bus.

More photos can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Albany to Bridgetown

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