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Bridgetown Part 1

We have been in Bridgetown for the past week and are due to check out of the park in a couple days time but we are considering staying on longer. With a population of approximately 4000 people, Bridgetown is a reasonably small community based in the Jarrah timber logging area, however the town’s attraction to tourism is its heritage style. Bridgetown CBD is set in the valley of very hilly country along the Blackwood River, the surrounding homes fill the hill sides land with most block having a fall of 1:10 to 3:10. Having friends who live here makes it an attractive place for us to stay for a while, however it is also conveniently central to most towns in the south west part of WA. We have been for several day trips to Perth, Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River and many smaller towns in the area.

Perth is about a 3 hour drive each way, however the other major centres mentioned are closer at arround 1 to 2 hours drive. The locals here in Bridgetown are friendly and the town feels safe and comfortable, the weather is mild to warm, very comfortable considering its the middle of summer. Being in the valley, we are well sheltered from the wind, windy days are common in WA, Perth is rated as the 3rd windiest city in the world.

Busselton and Bunbury are major centres offering most major retailers, they are both modern and within reasonable commuting distance from most country towns south of Perth. Margaret River is quite small compared to what we expected, it is very commercialised and thrives on tourism. There are many places to see such as wineries, cheese, chocolate and other confectionery houses, many caves and small beaches. We had fish and chips at a beach diner and spent the rest of the day checking out Chocolate, cheese, wine and fudge factories, with a stop at the icecreamery near Busselton on the way home.

Watching the making of honeycrunch
Here we watched the making of Honeycrunch at a little factory in the town of Cowaramup north of Margaret River. Along with Honeycrunch they also make fudge and nougat. 
Chocolate tasting
Inside the chocolate factory where we sampled many chocolates and bought some goodies to take home with us.
Jayson Jake Mary Bonnie Grace Penny
A group photo of the kids after lunch at the beach

One of the more interesting stops, at least for the kids was Simmo’s icecreams, it is a really great set up offering 39 flavours, however what makes it different is the park like grounds with play equipment,emus and goats.

Jake Grace & Penny at Simmo's Icecreamery
Jake & Harriet at Simmo's Icecreamery
Mary at Simmo's Icecreamery
Bonnie & Jayson at Simmo's Icecreamery 2
Mary & John at Simmo's Icecreamery
Jake at Simmo's Icecreamery 1

More photos of our past week can been seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Bridgetown / Bridgetown Part 1

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