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Site Update – face lift

I have made some changes to the site over the past couple days. Most are cosmetic changes such as the header picture, font colours, background, etc.
One of the more useful changes is the calendar in the side bar. The calendar highlights today’s date, displays day numbers in bold red for dates on which posts where written, clicking dates will display posts made for that day.
You can also scroll months using the links bellow the day numbers, to jump direct to a particular month you can choose the month from the Archive list bellow the calendar. The calendar will change to the month you select from the archives.
The side bar now shows on the Photo/album pages also.

Feel free to add a comment !  or make suggestion

I have made a lot of code changes so if you find any problems please let me know

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1. Michelle Waters - January 28, 2008

Hey where r u guys , wat r u up 2. haven’t had a new post yet :'(
Bubby the boys start back at school . James Grade 7 (last year of primary in Qld. Todd in Year 12. (last year of High School) Omg I feeling old. haha. I am off to Sydney in February to catch up with my father and hopefully Shayne and Danielle as well.
Had better run , hope you r all well.
Love Shell and family xoxoxoxo

2. Damian - January 29, 2008

Hi Michelle, we are still in Bridgetown. Every time we go to move on, we change our minds and stay for another week. The weather is too good!
Jayson started his year 6 schooling today also… the work load is near double of last years.
We haven’t been doing a lot, hence the lack of post….

Love Christee-Lee