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Bridgetown Part 2

February already!  Back to School!  Still Bridgetown!

Jayson started schooling for 2008 this week, considering its the first week back it seems to be full on. Unlike last year where he was knocking the days work over in less than a couple hours, this week he has been spending 6+ hours a day to get though it. In saying that, he has done 5 days work over 4 days, Monday being a public holiday. I think he is going to be a busy boy this year!

January has come and gone, yet we are still here in Bridgetown Carvan Park. We had initially intended to stay for 10 days, then a further few days, then a further week, and now its over a month later and we are still here and happy to stay a little while longer. The weather is great, the park is quiet and friendly, we have made friends with the park owners Brad and Sue, a couple of other long term guests and socialised with many of the other guests that have come and gone over the month. We haven’t travelled far from Bridgetown in the past couple weeks, other than the odd 30k trip to Manjimup to stock up on groceries.

We have had a couple nights of entertainment by a solo musician who plays the guitar, harmonica and sings a broad range of songs from country, 60s, more modern and even bananas in pyjamas for Jake. Most of the people in the park  gathered around to listen, chat, tell yarns and enjoy a few beers.

Bush singer - Daniel

We haven’t seen the Talbots for the past week or so, with Jayson’s schooling and social events within the park, time seems to get away. Prior to this last week we had spent a far bit of time with them, having dinner, helping them move house, or just visiting for a chat. We are hoping to catch up this weekend. Below is a few photos of when we had a BBQ together at our bus.

camp site
Jake and Harriet
Kids playing 2
You can see a few more photos in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Bridgetown / Bridgetown Part 2
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