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Bridgetown Part 3 – Lake Towerrinning

Late yesterday afternoon we met up with the Talbot family and two other families for a few beers and to try our luck at catching marron in the local river, we didn’t have much luck with the marron, but had a great time sitting by the river telling yarns and having a few drinks while the kids played together. Afterwards we continues on at Steve and Fran’s place till quite late that night. While there we organized to meat up with the Talbot family the next day and go for a drive to check out Lake Towerrinning. The lake is about an hours drive north east of Bridgetown.
We arrived at the lake just before lunch time, had a look around at the camping area and facilities before setting up for lunch. After lunch we the kids had a play in the water for a couple hours before heading back to Bridgetown.

Kids At The Dam
Jake Eating A Plum

More photos of our day out at Lake Towerrinning can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Bridgetown / Bridgetown Part 3 – Lake Towerrinning

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