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Site update – More features

I have added some new features to the site: 

  • Live Chat
When ever we are online, you will see this image in the side bar. Clicking the image will pop up a new window and enable you to chat with us live via in a text window.  Online
If we are not online or available to chat this image will be displayed instead. To leave a measage, please use the contact tab in the menu at the top of the page. Offline
  • Weather
Down the bottom of the side bar, you can now see real time detailed weather information for both our current location and our home town Mudgee NSW.
  • Travel Counter
In the footer at the bottom of the site, I have added a counter to keep track of the time we have been travelling for.
  • Calander
The calander has a new button «-» located below the dates, clicking this will expand or colapse a list of all post made for the month of which the calander is displaying. I have also changed the entire calander script so that when clicking its features, the calander will change with out the need to refresh the entire page.
  • Photos
I replaced the random photos block in the side bar with a grid of 8 smaller random photos.
I have implimented the light box effect for all photos site wide. When clicking a photo thumb nail, the larger image will be layered on top of the current page with a fading effect. Not only do I like this effect, it also speeds up site navigation.
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1. Michelle Waters - February 12, 2008

We lost u bubby. It was great to chat to you

2. Damian - February 12, 2008

One of the pit falls of being on mobile broadband is having no or week signal strength in some locations. We are in a fringe area at the moment, so the connection often drops out for a minute or so