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Bridgetown Part 5 – Boyup Brook festival

We drove out to Boyup Brook (25km) on the weekend to see WA’s country music festival. The festival is held in conjunction with the Boyup Brook annual truck and ute show.

In the morning we walked around the main streets which were blocked to host various stalls, entertainers and displays. Later in the day they had the ute and truck parade with close to 200 vehicles driving via the town centre to the show ground where the main country music concert was held.



Photos of the day can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Bridgetown / Bridgetown Part 5 -Boyup Brook

After lunch I went to the concert to meet up with Brad and Ratty (friends from the caravan park at Bridgetown) for a few beers. John joined us later as well. There were many bands playing all afternoon with Adam Brant being the star attraction.
Last week I had a go at driving a front end loader, the park owner Brad asked me if I would like to have a go on his loader, after a quick run though the controls I was moving dirt around the park for him.
Brad also talked me into playing bowls at the club next door, they have scoundrels on friday night so I thought i would give it a go. Then this week I was asked if I would fill in on a corporate bowls team.
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