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Bridgetown Caravan Park

Late last year, Brad and Sue Dowling purchased the Bridgetown Caravan Park, a few weeks before we arrived. The park was well run down and saw few visitors. Brad and Sue spent the first month restoring the residence so they had some where comfortable to live, and then started on giving the park a face lift. Brad and Sue are very likeable people, always pleasant and have a “nothing is too much hassle” attitude toward ensuring thier guests have a pleasant stay, along with thier hard work the park is improving in leaps and bounds, more people are booking in and thier efforts are being noticed. Often when we speak with locals in town, whenever we mention we are staying at the caravan park they comment on how the park has improved.

Over the past months they have not only been our hosts, we also consider them our friends. Last weekend we were invited for dinner, Sue cooked a roast lamb and vegies, it was the nicest meal we have had since leaving Mudgee. Jayson like Sue’s cooking so much he went back for his 3rd serve, even Jake had seconds.
Over the past week I have been giving Brad a bit of a hand around the park, mostly driving the loader and being the extra hand, he has dubbed me as the Park Loader Driver.
Over the past week I have also put together a wesite for Bridgetown Caravan Park, the website looks similar in layout to this one but is quite different behind the scenes. Its now up and running, but we still need to sort out the content a bit.

You can check it out at


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1. Michelle Waters - March 5, 2008

Have you guys thought about adding a section where you can tell people where you preferred to stay and why… Like the ease of parking the bus and the cost involved and maybe some of your favorite take away places etc? It was being discussed on a bustrip that i was on today and wondered if you had a bit of room to put it on your site.

2. Damian - March 6, 2008

Thats not a bad idea, I will give it some thought…. Might create a page “Must see” with a tab at the top like to map, photos, contact,,,, tabs.
Maybe even have categories within the page to group the various categories, such as campsites, towns, tourist places, food outlets, etc.
I will give it some thought……….. Cheers

3. Michelle Waters - March 19, 2008

Need another update here guys LOL
Hope that u r all well.