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Bridgetown to near Jurien

We are back on the road!

We left Bridgetown Caravan Park this morning and drove most of the day, we had a few short stops along the way before pulling up just short of the Jurien Bay turn off. The sun had started to set, so we decided to pull up for the night.

We loved our time in Bridgetown and it was great to catch up the Talbots. We met a lot of friendly people over the 3 months we were there, many through social gatherings with the Talbots and also a lot via the Caravan Park.

John, we said goodbye so many times but never left, this time we left with out saying goodbye :) , cheers mate, will catch up with you soon.

Brad and Sue, you were the perfect hosts and great friends, you will be missed by us all. Jake’s just chillin’ but says hello,  thanks guys! 

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