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Bridgetown to Geraldton

As per last post, we left Bridgetown and headed up the coast via Perth. Bellow are a few photos Christee-Lee took while driving thought the city.


While traveling through Perth we were over taken by a Ferrari, we tried to out run it but we were a bit fat. The Ferrari’s weight advantage gave him the edge to pull away.

After spending the night on the side of the road near Jurien Bay, we drove into the bay. As we drove down the hill into the town we could see we were going to get wet, the skies off shore were black. We pulled up near the waters edge just as the rain hit, within minutes the storm had passed and we had clear skies once again.
Jurien Bay seemed like a nice little holiday village, and with the number of new homes in the town it would appear to be going ahead. After checking out the town we grabbed some groceries and head up the coast road to Green Head
From Green Head we drove further up the coast to find a place to camp for the night. We were going to stop at Sandy Cape as we were told that it was a nice camp ground, but by the time we saw the sign to turn off we had no chance of pulling up, so we just kept on going till a camp site called Cliff Head North, where we pulled in for the night.
Before setting off from here this morning, we got talking to another couple who shared the same camp area for the night. They told us about a few other nice camp sites further north so we will check them out when we reach them.
We then drove to Dongara and Port Denison, we spent most of the morning at Port Denison, Jake was quick to make friends with a little girl named Hannah, the kids had a great time playing on the swings and on the waters edge making sand castles.
We then drove into Geraldton, pulled into Bunnings to get some Sikaflex to fix a small water leak which has developed in the bus. While at Bunnings I picked up a smoke alarm and a key lock for the driver’s slide window, so when we stop for a day or so I will get them sorted. By now it was getting time to find a place to stay for the night, we filled up with fuel and drove on to a rest area north of town.
Photos of this leg of the trip can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Bridgetown to Geraldton
The map bellow shows our track from Jurien Bay, see previous post for our track from Bridgetown to Jurien Bay
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