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Kalbarri to Exmouth

We spent the night in Kalbarri in a parking area right on the edge of the water, after breakfast we went for a drive in the car to check out the town. Then after a visit to the sea horse sanctuary we loaded up the car, had some lunch and hit the road again.

Our next two nights were spent in road side camp sites, both were quite large camp areas and had at least half a dozen other travellers camping for the night. The weather is starting to warm up again and it quite humid. Towns are now quite a distance apart so we are seeing a lot of open flat land. The country side is very green from the wet season and there is a lot of flood water still around from the cyclone 3 weeks ago. Over the last coupe days we have seen large wedge tail eagles, emu and crossed flooded roads, all of which the boys have been excited about.

Today we drove into Exmouth, booked into a caravan park and then took the car to check out the area. We have organised for the bus to have an oil change tomorrow morning, so we will head off once they have finished.

Some of our photos from this part of the trip


More photos of this leg of the trip can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Kalbarri to Exmouth

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