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Exmouth to Yule River (50km Sth of Port Hedland)

We got the bus service and were back on the road by 9am, that was a funny experience in its self.

I drove into the work shop and open up the engine bay, the mechanic climbs under the bus and calls to me “were is the drain plug?”, I replied “It is a dry sump, you just need to drain the oil from the oil tank here” pointing to the oil tank. The mechanic crawls back out and I show him the oil tank and explain the system. His next question gave me a bit of a laugh, ” is the other motor in the back?” he asked, I take it he was making a joke!!!

I was waiting for the punch line, hope he wasn’t being serious!

Not long after we got out of town, the blinkers started working slow on the bus, next stop I check it out and found the binker flasher unit was not working, no big deal. When we called into Karratha I purchased a new one and all was well again.

The next stop was at a camp site on Yule River, where we are camped tonight. We pulled in at lunch time and thought we would spend the afternoon here. I drove into the camp site, followed the track which looked to loop back around, but there were barriers blocking our way. I started to reverse back out, but before we knew it, we were bogged. I unload the car and unhooked the trailer, dog the dirt from around the wheels and continued to try and get out. A half hour later and I was filthy dirty and dehydrated from the heat, the bus was near bogged to the axle. I started to call for passing trucks on the UHF two way to see if I could get someone to pull us out. An hour later and we found someone with only one trailer behind his rig, he pulled in and backed up to us, we hooked up a chain and tried to get the bus out, but in no time we were both bogged to the axles, we disconnected the chain and tried to get the truck out, but there was no way. We called up for more help… By now we had two more semi trailers, we eventually got the first truck out and then the bus. Back on firmer ground, it was time for a beer!

We never thought to get photos until after the event, shame, they would have been good photos to have. Here are some of the photos we took after.

Camp site at Yule River
Yule River camp area
Bog tracks
The marks left after we got the bus and truck out
Yule River 2
Jayson took this photo of Christee-Lee
Yule River 1
I went down to the river and had a wash to get the bulk of the dirt off before having a shower, Jake come with me and wanted to have a wash too, so I filled a bucket with river water
Jake getting mud off
and Jake had a wash

Its been an interesting day, hopefully the old saying that bad things happen in threes is the case for us… its all good from here :)

Photos of this leg of our trip can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Exmouth to Yule River

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