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Yule River to Broome

Our next stop was at Port Hedland. Port Hedland is very much an industrial port town, the buildings and home look rundown and the town has that dirt stained look that is typical of a mining town. Certainly not he most attractive place we have visited. We stopped for the kids to have a play in the play ground and see the big ships, then of to Woollies for a few groceries before hitting the road again.


That first night we stopped in a road site rest spot, the next morning we drove to Goldwire camp area. We arrived at the camp area around lunch time, parked close to a sheltered seating area where we spent most the afternoon. There we a lot of butterflies which kept us fascinated for some time, we would hold our arm out and wait for one to land on our hand.


This morning we headed for Broome, we arrived at around 9am and checked into the Cable Beach Caravan Park for a couple days. After getting set up, we drove the car into Broome town centre, stopped at the local markets before checking out the rest of the town. After lunch and a swim in the pool at the caravan park, we drove along Cable Beach and then out the light house to watch the sun set.


Out near the light house there are foot prints in the rock that were made by dinosaurs, unfortunately to see them you had to climb down the rocks to the waters edge at low tide, the rocks were slippery so we didn’t take the kids down, but I went and checked them out. The prints are of a 3 toed animal similar to a large chook with fat toes. The prints were about 250mm long. I didn’t get a photos, after climbing back up, I decided not to go back down do to the slippery rock.

More photos can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Yule River to Broome

More photos of Broome can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Yule River to Broome / Broome

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