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Darwin to Katherine

We left Darwin yesterday morning and drove back to Katherine, we stopped in a park area for lunch and then moved on to a site to rest for the night. In the NT there are a lot of scrub fires burning, it is burning off time of the year up here. After the sun went down, the smoke become very thick and uncomforable so we drove in to Katherine.
We went out to the wharf for Jaysons birthday dinner, we dined on the wharf over looking the harbour, we all had Barra, prawn, squid and chip, it was nice. Jayson got a scooter for his birthday and bought him self a new game for the DSLight.
We checked out most of Darwin and its suburbs while there, Darwin is not real big!

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1. Lee - May 2, 2008

I Just wonder if you recieved the email I sent yesterday. It seem to take a long time to leave and I don’t know if it really went.Lee

2. Damian - May 6, 2008

No, Didn’t get it!