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Barkley Homestead to Mount Isa

We pulled up about 50km west of Mount Isa this afternoon to set up camp, we have Internet service here so I thought we would update the site and map page. There is not much to tell since last post, there isn’t much between Barkley and here. The weather is starting to get a little cooler, the days are still warm and there are plenty of flies around, but the nights are cooling off a little, almost need a jumper in the mornings.

The road from the border to mount Isa is a lot better than last time we come though here, nice and wide. Last time it was signle lane width of tare shared for both ways, you had to get off onto the dirt to pass oncoming traffic.

None of us can decided which road to take when we reach cloncurry, head to Townsville or Rockhampton or check out some of the in land areas. We ask Jayson, and he says take the shortest road to Mudgee. Jake points and says that way, or go to Mudgee. Christee-Lee wants to stay in the warm weather but no where in particular and I have no idea, I have seen most of Qld, the coast road is nice, but I also like travelling the regional areas. O’well I guess we will decide tomorrow.

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1. Michelle Waters - May 11, 2008

You guys had better pop in her before u go home

2. Pam Berry - August 4, 2008

Hi Michell Damian, By accident I found your sight on line and I want to thank you. As a first timer out to the centre at the age of 57 I am interested in any info you could pass on to us. We will be travelling along the Barkly Highway to Tennant Creek we intend seeing all of the well known sites along the way then down to Kings Canion The Alice then Uluru, we have a few things organised in the last 3 places but not sure of other places of interest that are not widely known of.We are not sure if we should bother taking our canoe I know it sounds silly but I would hate to go all of that way to discover that the silliest question was the one that I didn’t ask. Is there anywhere to put a canoe in and discover something out of the way.After we move on from the centre we are heading down to Port Augusta have a look in that region then through to Broken Hill accross to the coast to return home to Woolgoolga, all in 3 weeks, maybe 4 if we have to. I know we will need our skates on.I would appreciate any help you could offer, we leave on 16th August.Hope to hear from you soon.Regards Pam.

3. Damian - August 4, 2008

Hi Pam, we didn’t go down the centre this trip, but have done a few years ago. Kings Canion is well worth a visit, you could spend a couple days there at the resort/van park. Its great place to stay. Be sure to stop in at “The Devils Marbles” an the way, its quite popular and a nice place to reast. If you are camping for most the trip, I would get a copy of the Camps 4 book, it will list all the reast areas and free camp areas. I don’t think I would bother with a canoe for this trip, there isn’t many places to use it.
Uluru can be seen in a day, I would recommend being there for sunset or sunrise if not both, the colour of the rock is amazing during these times.
Have fun!