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Winton to Longreach

We arrived in Longreach the next morning, when we got to town we organised to get a pink slip for the bus rego. We also noticed that we had a flat tyre on the bus right hand tag wheel, it wasn’t dead flat but looking a little low. So I drove around to the tyre service to get it repaired. The tyre had a screw stuck in it causing the leak. By the time we got the tyre and rego check it was getting time to set up camp.

About 4km outside of Longreach there is a free camp spot on the river bank, so we headed out there for the night. When we arrived it was quite packed, there would have been arround 40 caravans/motorhomes, but enough room for more. It is a great spot, close to town and close to the river which has plenty of Yabbies (red claw).

Longreach camp 1
Longreach Camp 11
Longreach camp 8

The first night here, one of the travellers is an entertainer, he set up his gear and sang country music for a few hours. Many of us sat around for a listen and a few beers.

Longreach camp 4
Longreach camp 3
Longreach camp 5

By about 10am the vans start to thin out a bit as people move on, but by early afternoon new ones start rolling in. Some stay for a few days, others just over night.

Our second day here we took the car into town to check out the Qantas Museum and the Stockmans Hall of Fame. Our fist stop was the Qantas Museum, we checked out some of the displays and the planes, but decided it was too pricey for us to see the exibitions, would have cost around $300. So we headed up the road to the Stockmans Hall of Fame, this place is larger and much more reasonable, $50 for a family day pass and you can come and go all day.

Qantas Museum 7
Stockmans Hall of Fame 2
Stockmans Hall of Fame 6

We mail ordered some LEDs, we expected them to arrive here yesterday or today, as they haven’t turned up yet, I phoned the sender to find they hadn’t sent them on Monday as promised and ensured me they would leave today, so looks like we will be camped here for a couple more days.

Photos can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Barkley Homestead to Longreach

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1. Michelle Waters - May 14, 2008

I can’t believe that you guys are almost finished your travelling, Its been great keeping up to date with your website , I feel like I have been on the travels with you . Hope to see you guys real soon. Maybe we can surprise Nanny Webster with a visit ?