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Longreach to Ilfracombe

We decided to move this morning, we had a great time and met many nice people, mainly travellers who share the same camp area. We ate plenty of yabbies, the boys were a little reluctant to them at first but now they quite like them. One of the guys we met had a small tinnie, he invited me to go for a run one morning to check his yabbie nets, he used the tinnie to set the traps down river where less people fished, on return he asked would we like the yabbies, he said he can’t eat them due to having an allergy to crustations and his wife had a freezer full already. How goods that, use his boat and traps and feed up on the catch!

We picked a bad day to leave, yesterday the fuel price was $1.689, today it was up 3 cents. O’well, can’t drive far without it. We also filled our water tank before heading off out the road, our first stop was at a little town called Ilfracombe, it is only about 25km out of Longreach, we spent the whole day there checking out the place. Ilfracombe town is like one big museum, the main street consists of a Pub, Post office, a cafe, school, public pool and a heap of free exhibits. Many of the original buildings still stand in the main street, they have been turned into museums and are full of antique and old wares to tell the story of the town’s history. The park like strip along the rail line side of the main street is lined with old tractors, trucks, cars and farm machinery. Even the local pool and artesian spa are free to use, they are modern and well kept but un attended, kids can only use the pool if with an adult. It was a little cold for us to go swimming, however the water is heated in the spa. The town water supply comes from an artesian bore, the water is clean and clear, requiring no treatment. They do have the water tested regularly to ensure its safe for consumption. The water in the bore is around 80 Deg C.

Later in the afternoon we drove out of town to a rest area for the night and will head off again tomorrow.

Photo of Ilfracombe can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Longreach to Ilfracombe

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