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Ilfracombe to Duaringa

We haven’t travelled all that far over the past week but have stopped at many towns. One of the more interesting stops for us was at a town called Sapphire, as the name suggests, Sapphire and its neigbouring town Rubyvale are gem mining towns about 50km west of Emerald. Sapphire/Rubyvale are small communities with basic facilities, general store, fuel, post office, pub, caravan park, and many merchants selling gem stones and attractions for the tourists.  We stayed for 2 nights, venturing out to Rubyvale and well beyond in the car. The tracks we drove varied from bull dust to rocky, narrow, up mountains and cross river beds. The drive was interesting in itself but many people live in these remote areas, they have very basic accommodation without power or water, they are there simply to mine their acre or so plots for gems. Back in town there is a dump point for toilet waste and also water supply, in the early afternoon these areas are busy with locals filling water drums and emptying their porta loos.

We did try our luck at fossicing, we didn’t find anything of value but we had a great time digging up many colourfull stones and some fools gold (pyrite).


We arrived in Duaringa this morning, a small town of about 250 people, we will be here for a couple days while we wait for mail to arrive. Duaringa has a great free camp area, the park like area would be around 7 to 8 acres, they have a nice pond area and play grounds for the kids. There are water taps spread around for the convenience of campers, bbqs, toilets and hot showers. Everything is free of charge however it is requested that you make a gold coin donation to help the community off set the cost. The maximum stay is 48 hours so we hope our mail arrives on time.


More photos from this leg of our trip can be seen in the album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Ilfracombe to Duaringa

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1. Michelle Waters - May 29, 2008

Hey Bubby don’t forget your brothers birthday tomorrow LOL. Glad to see that u are still having a great time :)