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Benaraby to Mudgee

We are back in Mudgee!

Over the past week or so we have been looking at our options, where to live when we finish our travels. Due to severe weather warning in Qld, we decided to shorten our trip and head back to Mudgee. We are now looking at setting up our home again here in Mudgee, but now we are back we are also sad that we are not on the road any more. Who knows, may be we will take a few shorter trips while we still have the bus. For now our priority is to start organising a home and settle back into a ‘normal’ life style.

Thanks to all the wonderful people we met along the way and those of you who have been following us via this website, in particular we thank Brad and Sue Dowling from Bridgetown Caravan Park along with John and Vanya Talbot and girls for thier special efforts to accomodate and entertain us while in Bridgetown. Sorry we missed you Michelle and family, hopefully we can get back up for a visit soon.

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1. Ben - April 22, 2010

Hey Guys,

After checking out Christie-Lee’s yummo cake website I saw this.

Wow – how cool, what a great trip. Ill have to have a read and/or hear all about it from you!

Mel and I were probably about the same age as your two when we did a similar thing with M&D, it certainly was an amazing experience. It looks like you had just as much fun.