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Nimbin to Macksville

It was late Friday by the time we got the solar install finished, we decided to pack up ready to head south in the morning. At about 7pm the sounds of air raid sirens started sounding, they we loud enough to be easily heard all over the town of Nimbin, the sirens sounded every few minutes in sequences of 3 blasts. With in 10 minutes of the sirens ending, we could hear police car sirens sounding. Wow, this is one spooky town…. we couldn’t see where the police cars were but could see many car lights heading out all town exits and into the surrounding hills. By this time we were getting quite spooked and Jayson was feeling quite uneasy, so we hooked up the car and trailer, started up the motorhome and headed out of town.
As we drove through the main street, drunks from the pub are trying to wave us down and were running out toward us.
Its certainly a town with a difference, we took a walk up the main street one early afternoon at about 2pm, the main drag is about 200m long, and in that short stroll I asked if I was wanting to buy marijuana twice. People smoked it freely in public places including the local swimming pool.
There were homes with signage at the front stating they were a party or music house, quests welcome.

The homes in Nimbin were commonly very old and run down, many people lived in unregistered vans/buses with make ship shelter and awnings, some living just under canvas only. I learned from speaking with locals that much of the population reside in community tittles, where land is owned by a community group, residents purchase the right to set up home in the community but only once the community have agreed to let the vendor/purchaser to complete a sale. The purchaser must prove to the community that they have some thing to offer or are a going to be a benefit to that community. From what I hear, the hills are home to many hippies living in all kinds of hand made shelters.

An interesting life style and town, but its not for us…..  back on the road we head for the coast road via Lismore, back on the Pacific hwy we find a road side stop for the night, as we pull in we see other travelers had set up for the night, this certainly felt like a more comfortable place to park up for the night. The next morning we continued south with a few stops on the way to get fuel, groceries, etc until we reached Macksville where we decided to set up for a stay over by the river.

Parked at Macksville
Macksville river night time
Play equipment at Macksville
Jake at Macksville river park
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Photo updates

We have updated some photos
For those who haven’t seen the inside of our motorhome you can view photos in “photos” “Our Motorhome” By viewing a larger view of each picture you will be able to read a description of it.

We have also added some photos taken in Nimbin. These photos can be viewed in “photos” “Australia – Our Lap” sub-albulm “Nimbin” 

Rainbow Power Company

Above photo of Rainbow Power Company is where we stayed whilst in Nimbin.

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Day 3 and 4 – Hawksnest to Nimbin

Well, day 4 and we arrive in Nimbin. We are here a day earlier than expected, but it will give us a chance to hopefully kick back for a couple days. The last two days have been a little hectic, trying to dodge storms.
Heading toward Taree I switch on the radio to hear of a severe storm warning for Taree to the border within the next 2 hours. So we decided to pull over for lunch and wait it out. We found a nice road side stop with a play ground and swings, so we sayed for about 5 hours before hitting the road again. Coming on dark we started looking for a place to rest, a small camp site south of Macksville was our resting place for night 3.
The next morning we got going around 8am, we drove until about 12 before we decided it was time to find a place to pull up for lunch. The next road side camp was some 15ks south of Casino. The site was well off the road, plenty of room and in a pleasant forest park land. I was considering staying for the night but just as we got lunch made the sky started to turn stormy, the wind began to pick up and being surrounded by tall trees we quickly packed up and got out of there. Heading toward Casino, looking for open ground we drove straight into the storm. It was fierce, visibility was almost nil at one stage with rain hitting us from the left at an almost vertical angel. Then the hail started, shit… not the new car. Few, we were lucky, the hail was light enough to cause no damage, well not that I can see yet, I will inspect the car closely next time it gets a wash.
We arrive in Casino and pull up to check every thing is dry and secure. We could see the storm was still raging to the east and it was starting to build up again over head, so we mopped up the little water that had come in the windows earlier and headed off. The problem was, we needed to head east to Lismore and it was not looking good. As we headed out of town it was looking very savage so we turned off into a dead end street to turn around. After testing my reversing skills with a 19m rig and trailer in a dead end street to make a 3 point U turn, we head back to the main road with the aim of heading west away from the storm. But by now it appeared the storm was moving east so I decided to follow it. Well, what a STORM…… As we headed toward Lismore the hail laid in blankets of around 200 -400mm deep, the roads were completely covered in green leaves and then the evidence of if its destruction as we see oncoming car pass with shattered windscreens and missing rear windows. As we roll in to town (Lismore) we see home and shop owners brooming up the debris.
From Lismore we headed to Nimbin, the road was wet, hilly, windy and narrow. It was still raining and a little windy but the worst has passed. Never the less, it was a slow 25km trip between the two towns. We arrived at the Rainbow Power Company, unhook the car and trailer and park up for the night. The guys were kind enough to offer us power, the weather has cleared up for now although its still cloudy, and we are resting up after a tension filled afternoon.
We didn’t get any photos over the last couple days, so nothing to show… sorry. Below is a map or our travels with way points at our stops. Jayson spotted a great skate park in town so I’m guessing we will be heading there tomorrow while checking out the sites of Nimbin. 

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Our First two days

We set off on Saturday 6th October 2007.
By the time we said our good byes and stopped off to buy a few groceries, it was 2pm as we drove out of town.

Leaving Mudgee 1

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We headed out the Ulan road bound for Nimbin, we have an appointment in Nimbin later in the week with a Solar installer. Adding a solar system will allow us to run the fridge with out having to recharge the battery bank using the Generator or connecting to Mains power.

Our first day was a short trip, we only travelled a hundred K’s or so before pulling up for the night. Our first stop over being at Cassilis Rest Area. Its a nice little rest area that we have often stopped at when travelling home from the coast.

First Dinner 1

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After a good nights sleep, we hit the road for Hawk’s Nest to say G’day to Pa. We found a good parking site close to the river so we set up camp for the night.

All photos for the first 2 days can been seen in our gallery here

The map bellow shows our route with way points at our stop overs

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