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Norseman to Kalgoorlie

We arrived in Kalgoorlie yesterday afternoon, we drove via Coolgardie, a small preserved town with much heritage.

Coolgardie 7

Coolgardie 1

Coolgardie 2

We stayed and had some lunch and a walk around the town before heading on to Kalgoorlie. We have decided to stay here in Kalgoorlie for a week so we booked into a caravan park. The weather has been warm to hot but not too hot, tomorrow is forcasted to reach 41 Deg C, so we may be looking for some cool places to hang our during the middle of the day.

More photo can be seen in album Photos / Australia – Our Lap / Norseman to Kalgoorlie

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Nullarbor to Norseman

 WA, here we are !

The trip across “the Nullarbor is long, boring, and not how I imagined it to be” (words of Christee-Lee). “I pictured it to be sandy desert, the part of the trip that is treeless was only a small part of the trip around the locality of Nullarbor itself.” (By the way, Nullarbor = Latin (Null = Zero,Nill) – (Arbor = Tree).

The road from Nullarbor to Norseman is mainly flat with long straight stretches as you would expect, the area is very dry and dusty, wind gusts constantly blow dust into the air. We travelled around 300 to 350 ks each day, and fortunately had enough fuel to take us the full length of the trip (Ceduna to Norseman 1215km). The prices of Diesel were around $1.85/L in the service centres along the way. The road has many rest/camping areas, but only a few had a toilet and those with water tanks where dry. There is no TV, phone etc, as suspected, so the board games got some use.

Even though the trip is not over exciting, it is a great experience and there are a «—click here to read more—»

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Streaky Bay to Nullarbor

We are now heading across the Nullarbor, the internet works well in Nullarbor but I’m not sure if we will get service along the way, will see how we go.
We left Streaky Bay and stayed in a road side camp about 70km East of Nullarbor, this morning we pulled into Nullarbor and are about to hit the road again soon. While stopped yesterday we took a few photos, played cards, and listened to CD’s, there wasn’t much else to see or do. So we decided we will have hair cuts, well Jake and Damian did, Jayson reckons he «—click here to read more—»

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Streaky Bay

We are still in Streaky Bay.

The weather turned stormy the night we got here and it stayed stormy all of the next day. We looked at weather maps on the internet which showed the storm was covering most of the coast line from WA border to VIC, so there wasn’t much point in us moving on to try and avoid it. We were lucky enough not to cop anything severe despite the warning. The winds were quite strong, with gusts of around 90km/h according to the Bureau of Meteorology, we had light rain and could see plenty of lightning around us but not in our immediate area. We spent the day inside playing Monopoly. Today has been cool but fine, so went for a drive in the car to check out the «—click here to read more—»

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Elliston to Streaky Bay

We spent the day in Elliston hanging around the beach, it was quite late by the time we got back on the road. As we left town, we decided to fill up with water at the local town hall. The water pressure was very low, so it took over one and a half hours to fill up 150 litres. While waiting for the tank to fill we had dinner and the boys played on the nearby skate park.

Elliston - beach 4
Elliston - beach 6
Elliston - beach 3

We drove from Elliston to Venus Bay and parked up the back of the town at the oceans edge. The wind picked up quite strong after the sun went down, by morning the windows needed a good clean from all the sea spray. The morning was spent walking the town and then it was back on the road to Port Kenny, Port Kenny is a small town with a «—click here to read more—»

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Port Lincoln to Elliston

 We have been taken it a little slower the past few days, we found a great little cove called Locks Well Beach where we stayed for 3 nights. The area was remote, no phone, no Internet and poor ABC TV reception only. The parking area was quite a hike up the cliff from the beach, the wind at night was extremely strong but the days were warm and calm, we loved it.

Camped at Locks well beach night
Locks well beach 4
Locks well beach 3

The days were spent riding bikes/scooter, walking the track and stairs down to the beach, playing board games, doing school work and cooking. The area was typical of SA desert country with «—click here to read more—»

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Whyala to Port Lincoln

The last few days have been fairly layed back, we pulled into most towns on the coast line between Whyalla and Port Lincon and stayed a couple nights just north of Tumby Bay. The weather has been perfect.

We have noticed a lot of snakes and shingleback lizards on this part of the trip, we counted 12 snakes and have seen just as many if not more shingleback lizards. Most the snakes have been browns, 2 might have been blacks but we haven’t been stopping to check them out. Its amazing to see so many snakes in such a short distance, we had only seen 2 others since leaving Mudgee, its certainly making up keep a keen eye open when walking.

bird 1
Another critter we found interesting was this sea bird, we are not sure what it is yet, they look similar to a seagull but are much larger. These were seen at Cowell.

We arrived in Port Lincoln mid morning, after a drive through the town were decided to pull up at the docks where the commercial fishing boats bring in their catch, I found a parking spot and went to turn the bus off, but it just keep running. After investigating the «—click here to read more—»

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Kadina to Whyalla

The last couple of days has been a bit warmer, getting into the mid 30s, lucky for us we missed the storms and wet weather that Victoria has had in the last couple of days. We could see the storms in the distance, but not a drop where we’ve been. Then as we head into Port Augusta we hear they had just copped flash flooding, but it must have run off as quick as it came because there was nothing out of the ordinary as we drove through.

Our first stop was at a little old town called Port Broughton, the town supports some fishing but seemed to appeal more to tourists and the retiree age group.

Boy  in a toy boat at - Port Broughton
 The boys played in the park, they certainly get plenty of variety in the type of equipment they get to play on during the trip
We went for a walk out on the jetty, and saw a heap of sting ray in the shallows
Jetty end at Port Broughton
Sting Ray - Port Broughton

After a stop over at a road side stop just north of Port Pirie we headed through Port Augusta and back down to Whyalla where we «—click here to read more—»

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