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Albany to Bridgetown

We left Albany on Boxing day and stopped at the Valley of the Giants.

Boxing day was quite warm down here, reaching 41 Deg C. We arrived at the Valley of the Giants before midday so the day had heated up. We grabbed some drinking water and head off to walk the tree tops and valley. Although it was very warm, the trees did offer shade which made the walk more comfortable. «—click here to read more—»

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Albany – Our Christmas

We would like to thank our dear friends, John, Vanya, Bonnie, Penny, Grace, Mary and Harriet Talbot for making our Christmas a time to remember. Christee-Lee and I discussed on a few occasions our concerns about Christmas on the road, we were concerned that we would all miss being at home with our families. Although we do miss our families, we had one of the most enjoyable Christmases ever, and by far the high light of our trip so far. As we drove off from Albany we were wishing the Talbots were coming with us, we were all missing their company.

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Wagin to Albany

Wagin is known as the town of the big ram


A couple days ago one of our air-conditioners began to play up, the compressor fan was hitting its mount. While in Wagin I did a search for a service agent so we could have it looked at under manufacturers warranty, there happened to be a service centre in Albany. I phoned them and they could fit us in the next day (Wednesday) or some time after new year. Not wanting to delay the repair and the fact that we would have moved on from Albany by new year, we headed for Albany a few days earlier than schedule.

We arrived in Albany early afternoon, checked out where the service agent was and then did a tour of the town then head for the Caravan Park we had booked into to see if we were able to book in a couple days early. There was no problem booking in early, however on inspection of the site and access to it, I was a bit concerned to how we were going to get in. I walked the park to find the best route but there was no way we could get the bus in without hitting tree branches and possibily over head cables. «—click here to read more—»

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Corrigin to Wagin

Sorry, no photos for this part of our trip.

We left Corrigin bound for Albany, our first stopover was at Highbury, a small village with a population of 70 people. The business houses consist of a General store Tavern and Panel beater.

The following morning the weather turned rainy and very cold so we decided to stay until it cleared. We spent the 3 days inside the bus playing games, watching TV and cooking biscuits, it was actually nice to kick back for the few days. Last night the locals were having Santa visit at the Tavern, we were invited along but by late that arfternoon it turned too cold and wet, so we gave it a miss and stayed in the bus.
We left this morning and drove to Wagin where we stocked up on groceries and parked for the night. The weather is still very cloudy and mild, but the rain seems to be holding off. The forcast is for clearing weather and increasing temperature later in the week, so hopefully we will have nice weather over Christmas.

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1 carton sour cream

1 packet taco powder mix

1-2 tablespoons mayonnaise

2 avocado

1 clove garlic [chopped]

3 roma tomatoes

1 spanish onion

2-3 shallots

Grated tasty cheese

CC’s or Doritos

Mix sour cream & taco powder together [if too thick ad 1 tablespoon mayonnaise]. Spread onto serving plate & refrigerate to set. Mash avocado with garlic & 1 tablespoon mayonnaise & spread on top of sour cream mixture. Chop tomatoes,onion & shallots finely. Spread over avocado & sprinkle with grated cheese. Serve with CC,s.

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Wave Rock

After having a yarn with the local cop in Corrigin this morning, we decided due to road work and road conditions, it would be better to leave the bus here and take a day trip to Wave Rock in the car. So we are still in Corrigin.

Wave Rock was a little over an hours drive from Corrigin, it is a national reserve 4km out of a small village called Hyden. Looking at the shops and homes in Hyden, you get the impression of a town that has stayed behind in times, it is an old style country town. An interesting attraction as you pass though town is the rest stop or tourist information bay, the garden is a display of iron junk art, its quite impressive to see.

Hyden park 2
Hyden park 1

Moving on to Wave Rock, we pay our $7 to enter, strap on the back pack with drinks and camera, and head up the trail to the rock. «—click here to read more—»

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Southern Cross to Corrigin

Last post we said we were heading to Wave Rock, well we’re not quite there yet. After leaving Southern Cross we stopped at Merredin for some lunch, after lunch the boys took to the skate park.

Merridin skate park - Jake
Merridin skate park

It was getting on a bit by the time we left Merredin so we stopped just out of town for the night. The next morning we headed into Bruce Rock. «—click here to read more—»

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Kalgoorlie to Southern Cross

As you can see by the map, we haven’t travelled far. After leaving Kalgoorlie we stopped in a road side camp site, it was one of the nicer sites we have seen in WA so far, but the flies!! – we hardly ventured out of the bus.
Later that day we were hit by a whirlwind, it hit us dead smack in the middle. This whirlwind was the largest we have seen, it pounded us with dirt, leaves and sticks. It shook our bus and was quite a scary experience. We could see and hear it coming, which gave us just enough time to close windows and the door, but we missed the boys bed windows. There beds got covered in sand. «—click here to read more—»

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