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Site Update – face lift

I have made some changes to the site over the past couple days. Most are cosmetic changes such as the header picture, font colours, background, etc.
One of the more useful changes is the calendar in the side bar. The calendar highlights today’s date, displays day numbers in bold red for dates on which posts where written, clicking dates will display posts made for that day.
You can also scroll months using the links bellow the day numbers, to jump direct to a particular month you can choose the month from the Archive list bellow the calendar. The calendar will change to the month you select from the archives.
The side bar now shows on the Photo/album pages also.

Feel free to add a comment !  or make suggestion

I have made a lot of code changes so if you find any problems please let me know

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Bridgetown Part 1

We have been in Bridgetown for the past week and are due to check out of the park in a couple days time but we are considering staying on longer. With a population of approximately 4000 people, Bridgetown is a reasonably small community based in the Jarrah timber logging area, however the town’s attraction to tourism is its heritage style. Bridgetown CBD is set in the valley of very hilly country along the Blackwood River, the surrounding homes fill the hill sides land with most block having a fall of 1:10 to 3:10. Having friends who live here makes it an attractive place for us to stay for a while, however it is also conveniently central to most towns in the south west part of WA. We have been for several day trips to Perth, Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River and many smaller towns in the area.

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